Starting a New Business

Laura from Rock and Rainbow in a yellow jumper
Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Laura and I have decided to make the big leap and start my own business! I know. Scary. But I figure everyone who has started a business has had to take this step.
In this blog I hope to let you follow my journey starting Rock and Rainbow but also updating you on my life and letting you get to know me. (The picture above is from my 30th Birthday party last year.)
There are a few reasons for starting Rock and Rainbow. Let me tell you about them.
1. I have always loved a mix of rock style items and popular in style homeware, gifts and fashion. But there has never really been anywhere I can shop that includes both. I'm into Disney and band merch along with loving beautiful interiors, art and high fashion. My sister sent me an image of Marilyn Manson at Disney and said "This picture is sums you up'.
Marilyn Manson with Mickey Mouse at Disney World
What can I say? It depends what mood I'm in! So to sum up Rock and Rainbow is just going to be a mixture of all items I love and want to share with the world. And hopefully people like me will love it too.
2. I want to be my own boss. I have always dreamed of owning my own business, being a #girlboss and having the opportunity to be able to dress however I want and working whenever I want. Although reality is you work twice as hard and don't have time to care about how you look! But the freedom of being a business owner is very attractive. Looking at my future I will hopefully be having kids one day. And having this freedom will hopefully create more time to work around them. Another bonus is I get to spend more time at home with my baby (my cat Ozzy). 
3. I'm poor. OK lets be honest I'm definitely more fortunate than a lot of people. I own my own house with my boyfriend, can afford to eat and own a car. But I've just got a bit tired of declining days out with my friends or not being able to buy some new clothes. Heck we have only been on one proper holiday together in the five years we have been dating. I have been on plenty of hen do's and weekends away but I'm really craving a beachy lay around the pool all day sort of holiday. This is not a sob story and I don't want any sympathy, this is just me letting you know what's going on and what I am doing to change this situation. Having this business is a real passion of mine so why not make an extra bit of money each month to save for a holiday or our future.
Thats it. I've wrote my first ever blog. Please be kind to me as I've never felt that confident in my writing and have been told numerous times in my past that I need to improve. But I don't want it stop me. I may not have the best grammar or the most creative writing but at least its coming straight from me and not some corporate company that provides blogs for people. 
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