Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know it’s not the Christmas we wanted but hopefully this year is going to get better. We all know it’s not suddenly going to improve but with the vaccines we can start to start to see a glimmer of hope that life will become more normal soon. 2021, for me personally, has started with the death of a loved one due to covid so I am a little bit late getting back into a workflow. However I am feeling much better now and have decided to implement some new year tips to keep me positive and happy. 2020 has been difficult mentally for us all and I imagine for part of 2021 it will continue. So please feel free to use these to bring some positivity into your life.

Go for a walk

Last summer I started walking around the area where I live. I hadn't lived here long so I was yet to explore the countryside. It helped my mental health immensely. Seeing the beautiful views was uplifting while also being good for your body. You get a great rush of dopamine afterwards.

Healthy food habits

I got engaged last July so have been meaning to start the dreaded ‘Wedding Diet’ but I think we can all agree that lockdown has been hard on our waistlines! It's so easy at home to open the biscuit tin or sneak some chocolates. However this year I really do need to start (after I have finished the Christmas chocolates) but I am going to take it slowly. No crash diets. Just doing one simple improvement each week will hopefully make a difference. We have no idea when the wedding will even happen so I can take it as slowly as I want. I would like to add I am not doing a diet to try and be as small as possible, I just want to feel comfortable and healthy on the big day.

Spice up your home

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It can be as small as a new plant or a fresh new candle. Maybe you can give the house a New Year deep clean. Or you can go the whole hog and fully decorate. Sometimes change is refreshing and helps lift your mood. We have some great home decor at a very reasonable price.

Stay close to people who bring you up not down

We may not be able to get close to our friends and family right now but there are always video calls, Whatsapp’s and Zoom parties. It’s very easy to feel alone right now but a call to your best mate will surely lift your spirits. 

Self Care

This is actually something I have always done but I plan on carrying it on. I love nothing more than a night on my own doing a full beauty routine. Soaking in the bath, doing my nails, face masks etc. I mix it up but it never fails to help soothe my mind and get better sleep.

I hope these ideas help you this New Year. I have been reluctant to say ‘New Year's Resolutions’ as I don’t want the pressure. I hope they will help us get through these next few months and please know if you are struggling with anything this year my DM’s and private messages on my social media are always open to any of you. 


Rock and Rainbow x

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